The apartment is Trip and Grace's house and where the entirety of the game occurs.

The apartment is decorated with expensive furniture and paintings (which Grace hates), and possesses a phone. It also has a minibar where Trip may prepare a drink for the player (depends on the player's actions).

Most objects in it can be interacted with via picking them up and placing them somewhere else.

It also possesses a picture of their wedding and a picture of the Italian countryside.

Trivia Edit

  • Neither Trip nor Grace will react if the player moves all the decorations from one place to another.
  • They also do not react if the player takes an object and then attempts to exit. Trip may get angry at the player for attempting to leave, but will make no comment on the object in the player's position.
  • The 8-Ball is the only object that causes Trip or Grace to comment on if interacted with.
  • The house seems to not possess a bathroom (although some speculate that the gray door leads into it); if the player asks Trip or Grace to use the toilet, they may stare in shock or even eject the player from the house.
  • The gray door at the end of the hallway cannot be opened. Most agree that it leads into the bedroom.
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