bro2494 is the main antagonist of Facade.

Backstory Edit

Bro2494 is a PIECE OF FUCKING SHIT!!!!!!! He broke into my house, raped my wife, and killed my children and pets. He burnt my cropfields so I have no food or money and slipped cyanide in the water supply. He eats living puppies and kittens and burns down an orphanage every day. He brought a foreign plague to this country, killing as all with disease we weren't vaccinated for. And he probably picks Chikorita.

Trivia Edit

The developers revealed in an interview that the decision to have an antagonist was counterproductive to the games's themes of not everything being black and white, leading to the character being scrapped

In the same interview they also revealed that the character was heavily inspired by experiences that happened to them as children

It is likely that Bro2494 would have made an appearance in the 4th chapter in the unused scene where Trip is challenged to duel by an unknown mercenary sent after the group, leading to his death

Image (8)

Probably an actual picture of Bro2494

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