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Closedverse was a clone of Miiverse created by Arian Kordi and PF2M, 2 well known Miiverse hackers. Closedverse was originally a parody of Openverse, another clone made by PF2M before it became more popular and overtook the original. Like the majority of Miiverse clones it aimed to be much less restrictive in terms of administration, as well as giving users access to features that would only be available on Miiverse via hacking. The site was launched in September 2017, a month before the shutdown of Miiverse, and shut down in April 2019 after all of Arian's computers were taken away by the police.

Creation Edit

Openverse Edit

Openverse was PF2M's original Miiverse clone, originally made as an open-source Miiverse alternative/replacement, the site was eventually shut down for a while due to an issue that allowed users to log in as other users.

Grape Edit

Grape was a clone of the Wii U's version of Miiverse developed by Arian, however it was unpopular and had many issues, eventually closing down.

Closedverse Edit

Closedverse was a re-write of Openverse created in Python by Arian, originally as a parody of the site that eventually just served as a replacement, becoming much more popular

Features Edit

Closedverse had many features that were only available through hacking on Miiverse.

  • Custom image files could be posted, rather than just game screenshots
  • Links to websites could be added to posts, including Youtube videos, which could only be posted on Miiverse if the game or software had a feature allowing videos to be uploaded
  • Users could link their accounts to gravatar, allowing for profile pictures other than Miis, which could still be used by linking your Nintendo Network ID to your account
  • Profiles can have additional information added to them, including date joined and time joined, online status, date and time the user was last online, preferred pronoun, a Discord tag or other social media ID, and a link to any website
  • Posts can be edited
  • A human administration team, rather than an automatic bot
  • Private messages, which were previously only accessible on the console version of Miiverse
  • Dark mode
  • Custom emojis, which worked similarly to system on Discord servers, although only administrators could add them
  • Being able to customize the color of your name beyond the standard black (white on dark mode) text

Communities Edit

Closedverse, like Openverse, divided it's communities into 3 categories, game communities, special communities, and general communities (the former and the latter being taken from Miiverse, with general being from Openverse)

General Edit

General communities were simple and usually did not have a specific theme applied to them, only a topic, including a general discussion community, a community for discussing more serious topics that would not fit on the more light hearted general community, and a community for sharing artwork, among others.

Game Edit

Game communities were for discussion of games, being much more specific, typically themed around a specific game or series of games. While some were ported directly from Miiverse, many were original, being either communities for games not typically found on Nintendo consoles or more broad communities for game series rather than specific games, for example, while Miiverse had many Mario communities that were specifically for the one game, due to the way it functioned, Closedverse had one channel for the discussion of all games in the Mario series.

Special Edit

Special communities were communities that were typically reserved for matters related to the website itself, and were usually not able to be posted on by regular users. These communities included a community for announcements about the site, a changelog, and a community where users could suggest features they thought would be good additions to the site.

Controversies Edit

In the two year run of the site, it was home to many controversies, to put it nicely.

Caleb vs Peachy-Chan Edit

Early on in the site's lifespan, two users named Peachy-Chan and Caleb got into a feud due to the latter calling out the former for deleting any and all comments on her posts that she did not like. While many users became the source of drama and it would frequently overtake the general communities due to the small userbase of the site, this one was significant as unlike many other pieces of user drama, this one had to actually be resolved by the heads of the site, with the ability to delete comments from other users on your posts, something present on the original Miiverse, being fully removed. This is most likely a result of the site being young at the time and being the first ever instance of user drama becoming widespread.

Administration Edit

While the administration system on Miiverse was seen as too strict to a majority of the site's userbase, with Closedverse recieving praise for actually having a human administration team, as the site grew larger, the administrators become a point of contempt for many, with some commom complaints being:

  • Too many members of the team did nothing to actually moderate the site, and only used their admin badge as a status symbol
  • Too many members were selected only because they were liked by Arian or PF2M and were not qualified, with many even breaking rules themselves
  • Many of the admins who did use their powers only used them to delete posts they personally disliked or disagreed with, or used them to mess up the site, adding joke communities or vandalizing existing communities
  • Some admins were below 13, despite it saying in the rules you have to be 13 to use the site
  • That there were simply too many admins for such a small community

The controversy over the administration never truly ended, only gaining more traction as the site went on, with some well known users on the site attempting to make their own clones to replace Closedverse, usually selling themselves on having different admins and nothing else.

Serious Discussion Community Edit

Due to the nature of the serious discussion community, one of the common topics discussed there was mental health and suicide, however many users thought that there were simply too many people that were suicidal, and assumed that many of the people claiming that they were did it only for attention, sympathy or validation. Another controversy that only grew larger as the site aged, it eventually got to the point where any user claiming they were suicidal would usually recieve mostly harassment, with discussion of suicide mostly disappearing from the serious discussion communities on the replacement sites.

Ads Edit

Due to needing more money to continue paying for the site, Arian announced in mid 2018 that he was considering to start showing advertisements, and launched a test for it. This was met with backlash, with some saying they just didn't want ads, and some saying that running ads could result in Nintendo taking down the site. Although when ads were eventually added to the site, no action was taken by Nintendo and the dislike for the ads died completely.

Anarchyverse Edit

A sister website to Closedverse that had absolutely no admins and only a single rule against gore, Anarchyverse was extremely controversial in the short time it was up, with every community being completely full of porn. However it truly became controversial when a user posted child porn and talked about their fantasies of doing sexual things to babies. The site completely died and was shut down shortly after.

Arian Edit

Arian, the owner and creator of the site, was arguably the most controversial user on it, being called a terrible owner and a pedophile. This first began when a user suddenly gained admin status and starting changing things while facing no repercussions. It was later revealed the user was only 11 and got their power through sending Arian pictures of their feet. While there was backlash, it was not treated as very serious, and became nothing more than a joke within the community. A similar situation happened a few months later, with similar outcome, and more people becoming aware of the situation. There was also a controversy when some dms were shown where he said that he had downloaded 17 gigabytes of child porn of the deep web, which did have people taking it more seriously, but this, like the others was quickly forgotten, (most likely due to sounding highly exaggerated) with 17 gigs becoming another inside joke on the site.It wasn't until an eventual dm leak that showed him and an 11 year old doing sexual roleplay and him asking them for nudes that anything major started. The site had a major outcry, with Arian eventually stepping down and PF2M taking his place as owner, although Arian never really left and made a new account shortly after, where he recieved hate much more hate but was not completely shunned. The most likely reason for this was due to the fact Arian was only 14 during the lifespan of the site, although it was still very common to see him being called a pedophile. Arian remained very controversial for the rest of the site's life, with some users eventually reporting him to the fbi, which ended when his house was searched and all of his computers and servers being taken due to someone posting child porn on the site. Arian himself was never apprehended however, likely because he was still a minor.

Pedophilia Edit

After Arian had his messages leaked, pedophiles on the site became a very big issue, with any signs that a user could be up to something usually being taken as them being up to something. Users who were over 18 were sometimes targeted with little evidence against them. Although this issue would become much more prevalent on the other clone sites that would come to replace it.

Controversial Users Edit

PF2M Edit

While PF2M was generally well liked for a while and seen as a better owner than Arian, later in the site's lifespan he began to start being questioned, due to being in a relationship with another user who was 14, while he was 17. While many did question it, he didn't start to get much hate from the userbase until Closedverse was abandoned and the userbase moved to the other clones, likely due to him being 18 and the other user being 15. He started to get even more hate when he eventually managed to hack and delete the servers of Oasis, the last clone to have an active userbase. While he, like Arian had people send fbi tips about him, it is unknown what happened, if anything.

Gnarly Edit

Gnarly and was a who was known for making allegations against other users, who gained notoriety for being the first person to accuse Arian of being a pedophile. Early on he weas seen mainly as a troll or nuisance, but after the Arian message leak they started to gain more respect from some users, although many still saw him as annoying, due to his tendency to make lots of unprovoked callout posts against other users, which was against a rule, but not typically brought up before then. Eventually Gnarly and some other users began trying to "overthrow" the admins and he was eventually banned, but unbanned later on. He eventually began working with 3 other users to create another Miiverse clone, Indigo, with the hopes of overthrowing Closedverse in popularity. Eventually the userbase migrated there, and he wound up being more liked by the general userbase, although he continued to make frequent callouts, which still kept users split.

User e6 Edit

(This user's name has been hidden due to being very young and the touchy subject matter of their multiple controversies)

User e6 was a user who's first major controversy was their involvement with Arian, being the underage user that he had sexual roleplay with and asked for (and possibly recieved) nudes from. They were the person who initially leaked the dms, and were generally not blamed for any part of the controversy. They stayed relatively clean for a while, until suddenly, an account claiming to be their sister announced that they attempted suicide by jumping in front of a car and they did not know if they were going to make it, although some users were skeptical about this, they recieved nearly universal positivity from the community, even when they eventually came back. (Work in progress)

Eric/Jod/Mochi/Lily Edit

(Work in progress)

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