Duwang is the town the events of Facade are set in.

History Edit

The town of Duwang was founded in the year 3413 by George Washington Carver, who was well known at the time for his invention of the first peanut, as a town for trade, although it quickly became much more once local celebrity scientist Hank Howard moved in, which made the town more a tourist spot than anything. It was known for being the best picnic spot in the world, which was what made young lovers Trip and Grace want to move there. The residents of Duwang lived peacefully until a mass plague outbreak, nearly comparible to the black plague of the 14th century, began. After nearly a third of the town's previously 2000 population was taken by the virus, including Trip, the townspeople began to investigate. Eventually, Grace's friend Gonzallo was able to track down the source of the outbreak to a mysterious metal tube buired under the town's famous bakery, tragedy struck though, as Gonzallo was killed by a shot from a dart gun that contained highly lethal venom. Grace, stricken by the loss of her lover and good friend, stepped up to lead the resistance against their mysterious enemy. After searching the entire town, they discovered the local beggar Jared had been murdered and replaced by a double, who they promptly killed and searched the shack of. They discovered a secret laboratory underneath the floorboards, but despite the outbreak being recent, it seemed as if the room had been abandoned for hundreds of years, with not a single trace of life there besides a nest of roaches. After declaring it a worthless find, Grace went back to the door to the lab, only to realize that it had sealed behind them. Grace and her team turned their heads, terrified, upon hearing a subtle "beep, beep, beep" sound. Suddenly, everyone went black. The town of duwang, once known as a bustling tourist spot, had become completely abandonned. A ghost town. Nobody but the souls of the residents ever found out what happened. The land was scorched black with no trace of anything.

Trivia Edit

Duwang was somewhat infamous for having the town hall have official town orgies the third Wednesday of every month, except July

Duwang had a no smoking policy

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