Trip opened the door to his apartment, expecting to see his old friend Gustavo, who he had invited over earlier for some quality time. Instead, upon opening the door, he instead saw another face. A fat orange cat, cheeks stuffed full of spaghetti. "Oh? Who's cat is this?" He inquired. "Grace? There's a cat outside, do you know who he bel-" but he was cut off. "We don't need to worry about Grace right now", the cat said to himself, placing his paw over Trip's mouth. "Now, let's go inside..." He thought to himself while guiding the man in, taking the lead away from Trip. Trip was so confused. He tried to pull away but lost his grip when he saw something horrifying. There was red liquid dripping out from underneath the crack of the bathroom. The cat noticed Trip's shocked expression and starting moving faster. Eventually Trip finally managed to bring back his senses and pull away. He ran back down the hallway, thinking to himself "oh god, please let Grace be ok. I have no idea what's happening but that weird cat needs to leave". He arrived at the bathroom, and quickly kicked down the door, only to see a broken wine glass with some red wine spilling out of it. He looked behind him, only to see that there was more red liquid, trailing down the hall into his bedroom, but the cat was nowhere to be seen. He slowly turned his head back, dreading what he was going to see before him, and was able to make out a red haired man wearing a blue shirt before blacking out.

Trip opened his eyes , but could barely see anything. He tried to move his arms, but couldn't. All he could do was squirm around, with a strange feeling thing underneath his body. Suddenly a light turned on. Trip looked down at himself, and realized that his arms and legs were chained to his bed. He had his neck restrained in a position where he could only stare down at his footlong Johnson. Suddenly, he saw the shadow of the cat again, walking in with a bowl and a plate that were both covered so he couldn't see what was inside. The cat climbed up onto the bed with him. Slowly walked up his body, and forcibly turned his head so he could look at the strange thing beneath him. Trip's heart stopped. It was the mutilated corpse of Grace, with a pipe in her mouth and broken glass scattered in her wounds. Trip was speachless for minutes on end before finally whimpering out "why would- who- what do..." the cat put his paw over his mouth. Suddenly a the room's lights turned on, revealing the cat to be wearing a leather gimp suit. The cat backed up, and grabbed the bowl he had earlier. He took of the cover, revealing spaghetti was inside. He gave Trip a quick smell before pulling it away. It was freshly cooked and still hot. It was some of the best smelling food Trip had ever seen. The cat grabbed a single noodle, and began forcing it down Trip's urethra. It hurt so bad, and yet deep down, Trip had a sick feeling of joy and pleasure. The cat did another, and another, Trip managed to count nearly 16. Eventually at what felt like nearly 30 noodles, Trip couldnt take it any more. He wanted to break down and cry, but let out a moan. The cat gave a toothy smile, and, as if it were a dream, opened it' s mouth and talked. "Hi there. I'm Garfield. I'm a cat, and this is my man-whore, Trip." Trip was completely speechless. Any thought left in his head had left it at that very moment. He nearly burst out in a fit of crazed laughter, but then Garfield began sucking. He moved up and down and up and down, his mouth filled with marinara sauce, and then he slurped up a noodle, and ate inlt slowly and seductively. Suddenly a surge began in Trip's body. It was like nothing he had ever felt before. He moaned, and moaned. It became louder with every second, before some strange white liquid erupted from his johnson. Trip had never felt this before but never wanted it to stop. Garfield smiled confidently, and caught all the airborn, soaked noodles in his mouth and slurped them up. Trip moaned like a slut. Garfield climbed up to his face, and simply said "more?" Trip was nearly unable to talk but just barely let out a "yes papa". Garfield grinned, and removed Trip's neck strap. He picked up the plate and the lifeless arm of Grace and removed the plate's cover, revealing a lasagna. He smeared it all over himself and his 25 incher, as well as Grace's hand. He then rubbed the dead arm in Trip's semen, and simply demanded "Suck." Trip happily obliged, and Garfield eventually forced his cock in with the arm. Trip looked like a child who was just been given a giant ice cream cone. He licked every bit of love juice off, and then got to the lasagna and fiercely moaned. After about half and hour, Garfield finally grew bored, and undid Trip's arm and leg chains. He grabbed a whip and gave trip a strong lashing, making him fall from the bed. Garfield pounced on the man with his claws out and landed on him with his claws all the way out. Trip was bleeding out but didn't care a bit about it. He simply moaned out "what are you going to do with me now papa?" Garfield pulled out a can of gasoline, and made a large ring around them, and then a larger one around that one, and then another larger one until there were at least 10 rings. The cat grabbed a pipe, lit it, smoked it for a bit, and threw it down. The pipe landed in the outmost ring of gas and began to catch fire. Garfield pulled out one more lasagna, covered every inch of both of their bodies, put his massive penis in Trip's mouth, and began humping while the fire spread throughout the building, growing closer and closer to the center of the sex circle. Trip had never been happier in his life. He sucked and sucked and sucked until he was nearly out of air in his lungs, letting the mix of sauce cheese and semen roll around his tongue and dance on his pallet. His dick launched out gallons of man love, adding fuel to the fire. Garfield humped faster and faster, and they climaxed into the inferno.

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