Wall collision Edit

Sometimes, the player can be able to warp out of the apartment by walking backwards into a wall. Trip and Grace don't have wall collision either, telling from how Trip doesn't walk from, for example, the kitchen, to the main room and then to the door. Instead, he goes straight to the door with walls still blocking his way.

Opening the door from outside the apartment room. Edit

A YouTuber named "oldthinkertube," who used to do many fake Facade glitch videos, explained a glitch of being able to open the door of the apartment room from the outside. This is due to the fact that you can still warp through walls and that the game has a mechanic where clicking one side of the door causes the player to knock and one side allowing the player open and close the door.

Trip/Grace stuck at door during bad ending Edit

If the door is left open while Trip or Grace decides to leave during one of the bad endings, either one accidentally closes the door, causing them to not actually leave the apartment, but get stuck. In the meantime, you can say Melon while Trip or Grace has left.

Compatibility/Java version glitch? Edit

If you have a new version of Java installed or a better operating system, Trip and Grace's models could glitch out, usually causing vertexes of the models to go to random positions

Black fade-him. After some silence he should say something like "I'm not sure why you said that" Edit

- Insult him again, and he should repeat what he said previously.

- Sundently, while the player is in the kitchen, Grace and Trip start arguing (you will not understand anything), but Trip will remain in the living room. After sometime the game should continue normally.

Softlock Edit

Sometimes, Trip and Grace will stop talking, moving, etc. and just stare at you. They won't stop until you exit the game and reopen it.

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