Personal Information
Full name Grace
Age 30
Gender Female
Professional Information
Job Newspaper Ads Editor
Dream Become an Artist
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Grace is Trip's wife, and one of the two character in-need of the player's assistance. She works as a Newspaper Ads Editor, a job she doesn't enjoy much.


Grace was born into a rich family. When Grace was growing up, she was spoiled and given everything she had wanted, making her despise this lifestyle. She grew up to enjoy more simple things rather than a lavish life, making her ties with her parents strained.

She met Trip and The Player during college while she was pursuing an Art School degree, however, Trip intervened and unintentionally made her drop the career and chase an Advertisement degree instead, something she resents, as she enjoys art and expressing this in any way possible, as seen with her obsession to re-decorate the apartment.

During Trip's courtship and soon-to-occur marriage, Grace, in her resentment, had an affair with her Arts School teacher, Vince. Something she regrets and feels jinxed her marriage. She still decided to pursue her marriage.

Due to her resentment over her life choices and Trip's influence, her marriage has not been easy and she feels easily overwhelmed and saddened, as Trip enjoys to have a more lavish lifestyle, while she craves for a simple one. However, she finds sympathy on Trip's parents as they are simple and cheerful, and considers The Player a close friend of her, to the point she deeply dislikes for them to see her this way.

Her marriage grew even more strained during their honeymoon to Italy, as Grace feels it was important to Trip only because it was expensive. Despite this, she refuses to believe she does not love Trip, but rather just never voiced her past issues, and let the resentment ruin her happiness.

She works as an Ads Editor on a newspaper sign, a job she deeply dislikes. She finds comfort in re-decorating her apartment, as a away to escape and enforce her artistic freedom onto Trip, but this only helps her temporaly, as she can grow bored quickly, and feel overwhelmed once more, as she usually feels she can't do much better. Because of this, she reacts very thankful when The Player tells her she can do it.



If The Player were to be too intrusive, insulting or outright absurd to either Grace or Trip. They will be forced to leave the Apartment.

Pushing Grace

If The Player pushes Grace to reveal things or be far more supportive of Trip than Grace, she will reveal something and promptly leave Trip and the apartment, and thank The Player for helping her.

Pushing Trip

If The Player pushes Trip to reveal things or be far more supportive of Grace than Trip, he will reveal something and promptly leave Grace and the apartment, claiming everything has changed.


If The Player is equally pushes and supports Grace and Trip, both will reveal things that have been irking them, accepting that both have issues that they need to work out. They'll thank the player to make them realize it and that they'll talk more about this, in a calmly manner, in private. The Player can then leave.

Nothing Changes

There is a hard to obtain ending in which nothing changes and they still fight.


  • She is 30 years old meaning she was 20 when she married Trip.
  • When she asks the player how he/she is doing, if the player answers that he/she is doing bad, she may sometimes respond with "that's good."
  • Flirting with her will cause Trip to get angry at the player.
  • If the player is playing as a man, he can flirt with Grace when Trip is not near her.
    • This implies that Grace is Straight, as she will not flirt with a female.
  • She's quite fond of Mineral Water and Chardonay, or White Wine.
  • The glass statues on the living room's shelves are hers, as she enjoys collecting them, and doesn't remember for how long.
  • If The Player leaves the phone to ring, the caller will be Grace's parents.
  • Their apartment has a view of New York, meaning they most likely live there.
  • She's reluctant to greet The Player at the beginning, due to her issues.
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