After a long 13 year wait, Grace released her response to the divorce in album form. The album released independently on January 21, 2018 and is titled TRIP IS OVER PARTY. Lyrically, the album focuses on the couples conflicts before divorcing and Graces flourishing sexuality. Sound-wise, the album is mostly EDM with touches of PC music and R&B. The album had 12 tracks, 7 singles, 2 features, and 4 music videos. (2 deleted.) The album was supposed to have a visual album, cancelled for other projects.

Grace - TRIP IS OVER PARTY (Full Album)

Grace - TRIP IS OVER PARTY (Full Album)

Grace's first album "TRIP IS OVER PARTY". Take a listen!

Grace - AFTERPARTY (Full Album)

Grace - AFTERPARTY (Full Album)

Grace's 2nd album "AFTERPARTY". Take a listen!

A few months later, her 2nd album Afterparty (styled as AFTERPARTY) was released. The album experiments in other types of music, such as slow-paced ballads, to a full on

Her third album Gloryhole was released to the public on July 12th, with a total of 10 tracks. The album has a more gay disco-esque album. The album has 5 singles, and Grace talks about much more than she said on Facade. From a song about Maria, to a song about being seduced by a woman. The album has a visual album, released on July 24th. On July 25th, a limited summer edition was released. The album has 1 feature.

Gloryhole has been considered Grace's worst album. Several singles on the album such as, "Sit On the Couch" and "Thot" could not make it on the Billboard Top 30. It became a trend to make fun of, dehumanize, and bully Grace. There were many homophobic and sexist slurs thrown at her, and this overall became a trendy and popular thing to do. On episode 2 of God Is A Woman Radio, Grace admitted that Gloryhole flopped.

Grace started her "Lets Talk About Sex World Tour" on August 6th, 2018. She made a song, "Art Sex," to promote the tour, which was released on August 4th, 2018. 22 weaves we're reported snatched in the first hour of release. She released "Kate No" (from Gloryhole) as a single on August 22, 2018 featuring CupcakKe and Kate Marsh. Another single, "Le Pouf," was released on September 13, 2018.

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