Mexican Dunsparce is the main protagonist of Facade.

History Edit

Mexican Dunsparce is first mentioned by Trip's ghost when telling Gustavo the tale of a hundred years ago. Trip tells Gustavo to find Kakariko Village and ask Mexican Dunsparce for further guidance on his quest.

Mexican Dunsparce is met at his temple in the village, and upon entering a cutscene immediately activates where he remarks that he has not seen Gustavo in a long time. He tells him of the 4 divine beasts and his forgotten memories, and tells him to seek out his brother, Russian Dictator Dunsparce in Hateno village for more help.

Upon hearing the news of Gustavo's death by firing squad in Hateno, Mexican Dunspace laments that he made a mistake asking Gustavo for help in the first place, and gets up, grabs his mp5 and and a bottle of vodka and sets forward to Cairo. The game then ends here, and fades to black.


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