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Personal Information
Full name Paul Jackson
Age 34
Gender Paul does not abide by any label or rules
Professional Information
Job Creative writer, intergalactic traveller, laptop repairman
Dream Escape
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Paul Jackson, also known as Pauljac3 is the main antagonist of Facade. He is responsible for all of the wrongdoings within the universe.

Backstory Edit

Paul was once just a normal boy, living in Ohio, however after a proposed bill by the mail man and it being declared into law by the British Parliament, he was sent to a realm that is eternally set in summer 2012 and always ends and loops again with his Xbox 360 getting the red ring. All he does now is log his thoughts onto Twitter, occasionally managing to make a call for help, usually going unanswered.

Personality Edit

Paul is a somewhat naive but nonetheless kind person. He loves his family and takes care of his nephew. He is an avid fan of football, with his favorite team being the Browns, whose losses he gets upset over. He is very encouraging to people and loves everyone, although he can sometimes be a bit impatient when he is need of help and is not given any. Paul does not like people who lie, and gets very upset when people tell his mom that he was getting smart even when he was not, but is able to forgive them most of the time. Paul is a lover of computers, frequently asking people if they happen to have them, if they take them home with them, if their's is old or new, and so on. Paul loves a job well done and will usually give heavy praise for one. Paul is a follower of god and loves to preach about what he has done.

Appearance Edit

Paul is an African American boy with a shaved head and a gap in his teeth, which he frequently shows due to his trademark smile. His true height is unknown.

In his ascended form Paul sheds his human body for a new one, with the only thing he keeps being his head, which is also his torso and now has arms and legs coming out of it. He has short arms and legs and strange 3-toed feet which appear to be webbed.

Likes and Dislikes Edit

Like: video Games Edit

Paul is a gamer. He owns an Xbox 360 that he loves to play. He is very excited for the upcoming releade of Madden 13.

Like: Sports Edit

Paul is a lover of sports. His favorites include football, golf and water polo. His favorite channel to watch sports is espn, which he has also expressed a love for. He loves the Olympics and went on rscord saying he loved the London 2012 Olympics in particular.

Like: rap Edit

Paul is a big fan of rap, his favorite rapper being Peezy Piff. He has also expressed a love of doing his own raps, although Twitter not allowing 200 tweet inhibits him from doing them.

Like: parity Edit

Paul is a parity animal

Like: Weather Edit

Paul is a big fan of the weather, so much that in certain versions of his universe he even becomes a weather man himself.

Like: Shoes Edit

Paul has expressed a love of shoes and always gets excited when he gets new ones.

Like: God Edit

Paul is a religious man. He loves going to church and regularly thanks god and preaches about him.

Dislike: Kitchen Utensils Edit

Paul has been quoted as not liking forks and knives, as he once asked his followers: who give a care about fork knife.

Dislike: the Mail Man Edit

Paul has expressed a major disliking of the Mail Man in his town, possibly for cursing him to the shadow realm. He frequently ridicules him for his tendency to run late on mondays, expresses graditude when he does not arrive until 9:32 or 12:32, and hopes that he does not come.

Dislike: things forced upon him Edit

Paul has been quoted saying he hates when he has to do things he does not like.

Dislike: Show offs Edit

Something Paul talks about less but dislikes nonetheless, he dislikes people who show off, nothing, the f up.

History Edit

Part 1 Edit

After the apartment massacre of 2003, Paul immediately siezed the opportunity to launch his attack. Although we see him preparing, as this is the end of the part we never see what happens, only silhouettes of what's to come

Part 2 Edit

When the protagonist first arrives in class 3-e, Paul is among the first students to greet them, immediately showing himself to be the class's "tsundere" archetype. He is very excessively mean to the protagonist and insists that he does not like them to an almost comical level.

If the player decides to pursue Paul, his persona quickly falls and he becomes very loving and friendly to the protagonist.

His favorite spots are the soda shop and the balcony.

If the player stays with Paul to the end of the game, the ending shows the protagonist and Paul's future wedding.

Abilities Edit

Unknown Stand Edit

Paul was pierced by a stand arrow at an unknown point in time. His ability is not known, however, due to it being a stand that only awakens after his death, similar to Notorious B.I.G., and Paul's time situation, he can never use it.

Infinite Energy generation Edit

Paul has the ability to create an infinite supply of energy, which he mainly uses to go without sleeping. It is possible for him to use it for other things, however.

Trivia Edit

Despite his love of weather, Paul has a very strange relationship with rain. Sometimes he talks about loving it but others says he hates it. This could be a side affect of time resetting.

Paul is a supporter of LGBT rights

It is unknown if the versions of Paul's family inside his realm are his actual family or simply lifeless recreations of them. Nothing about it has ever been addressed by any of the developers or even mentioned in-game

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