The Player is the main protagonist of Facade. In the game, they are implied to be around the same age as Trip and Grace, and they are a close friend of the couple since they were introduced by the Player during their senior year of college. When the game first begins, they are invited by Trip to come over his apartment in New York at around 8 PM to celebrate their 10th anniversary of being introduced while in college. In-game, the player can interact with the environment by typing sentences to Trip and Grace, and can pick up objects. Even before the game begins, the player has the ability to choose what their name will be. While the list of names is limited, the developer added some humorous names, like Gonzalo and Kha. Upon starting the game, the player is greeted to 2 options, to knock on the front door of Trip and Grace's apartment, or to press the elevator button, ending the game.

Arguably, the most amusing ending of the game is the player being thrown out of the apartment by Trip; the amusement often occurring when Trip and Grace react to the player's inputs with shocked faces. The player has three strikes or one; three being after Grace and Trip greet the player politely, and with one either being inside the apartment while Trip and Grace are arguing, when Trip greets you, or while Trip and Grace are still greeting the player.

The Player's primary directive in Facade is to determine the course of events through the engine's interactive input. Consequently, they can either reconcile Trip and Grace's failing marriage through extrapolation of their secrets, causing them to admit their past wrongdoings, or if the player so chooses, they may drive the tenuous couple apart or even get themselves kicked out for breaches of conduct, specifically vulgarity or adulterous tendencies toward one of the two.

Name List

The following is a list of names the player is able to choose when playing Facade. There are 52 male names and 43 female names which brings a total of 95 names in the game.

  • Adam
  • Al
  • Amy
  • Andrew
  • Anne
  • Ashley
  • Audrey
  • Ben
  • Beth
  • Bob
  • Brad
  • Brenda
  • Brian
  • Carol
  • Cathy
  • Chloe
  • Chris (either Male or Female)
  • Dan
  • Dave
  • Diana
  • Doug
  • Ed
  • Elizabeth
  • Ellen
  • Emily
  • Eric
  • Erin
  • Espen
  • George
  • Genevra
  • Gonzalo
  • Greg
  • Heather
  • Ian
  • Jane
  • Janet
  • Jared
  • Jeff
  • Jen
  • Jesper
  • Jess
  • Jill
  • Jim
  • Jo (Pronounced as Andrew in-game. Possibly a bug)
  • Joe
  • John
  • Josh
  • Julie
  • Kate
  • Keith
  • Kelly (either Male or Female)
  • Kevin
  • Kim
  • Kha
  • Lisa
  • Liz
  • Mark
  • Mary
  • Matt
  • Mel (either Male or Female)
  • Michael
  • Nat (either Male or Female)
  • Nick
  • Nicole
  • Noah
  • Olivia
  • Pat (either Male or Female)
  • Paul
  • Peter
  • Rachel
  • Ray
  • Rich
  • Rob
  • Robin
  • Ryan
  • Sam (either Male or Female)
  • Sarah
  • Scott
  • Sergio
  • Stacy
  • Steph
  • Tammy
  • Tania
  • Ted
  • Tim
  • Tom
  • Walter
  • Warren
  • Will


As Facade is played entirely in the first-person perspective, presumably for immersion purposes as the player is technically both an audience member and actor, their model can never be seen, if there even is one. The player is implied to be the same age as Grace and Trip which would make them approximately 30 years old.


Due to the endless possibilities of how each interaction could go, the player can be anything from a marriage mediator to a hostile force with the sole aim of causing more chaos.


  • Almost nothing is known about the player other than that he/she went to college with Grace.
  • The player can be considered as a key part in the couple's future as his/her precense could cause them to split up or "reignite" their love
  • Attempting to flirt with Grace will cause Trip to eject the player from the apartment.
  • Typing with the caps lock essentially means the player is yelling at them. However, neither Trip or Grace seem to care at all.
  • Humorously, if the player types in a language other than English he/she will be thrown out by Trip.
  • It is possible to run away from Trip while he chases you in order to kick you out by first executing the wall glitch, in which the player phases through a part of the wall that is next to the door, then saying something offensive, and finally using the CTRL key to gain a speed boost. Because Trip does not speed up in the game, you get an advantage.
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