Our story begins with Ass, a young girl who has just moved into the Shangdao region with her mother, who had recently met a man named Wusiji on a dating site, who she planned to marry for financial reasons. Ass was a strange, quiet kid. Never said a word and had strange tendencies. Of all the things one could do in a world populated by elf monsters, she enjoyed beating ones owned by others to death. Ass never had any real friends growing up and her mother fully accepted her just staying in her room as long as it meant no trouble for her. This was simply routine. But that was about to change. Ass was woken up by her mother in the middle of the night on what was supposed to be her mother's first date with Wusiji. However, this was all cut short when Wusiji admitted that in the time between them meeting on the site and Ass's mother moving to Guandong, he had a found another lover, famous elf scientist Dr Oujide, also known as Elf Monster, and that he wanted to meet up with Ass for some important business regarding elfs. She gave Ass an Elf Gear and a deity statue and sent the girl on her way. However on her way to the graduate school Wusiji Doctor owned, Ass spotted a boy in black with long red hair and a poisonous gaze. She approached the boy, but he quickly turned to her, pushing her away and letting out a hesitant but slightly snooty "don't stare me always!" Not wanting to deal with him anymore, Ass listened to the boy and went into the graduate school. She walked towards the man she assumed to be the doctor, who was working on a computer. Near the computer wete three elf basins. She slowly approached the man and tapped on his shoulder. He looked up from his computer and introduced himself, with Ass only half paying attention, as she saw the redhead boy outside with his face pressed against the window. Eventually Wusiji took notice and started speaking louder. He mentioned that his lover Dr Oujide had found a strange man who had isolated himself from his home town and started calling himself the elf grandfather. The man had started contacting Wusiji obsessively, talking about an egg he had found, and Wusiji, being too scared something illegal or immoral would happen to him if he investigated, asked Ass to take one of his elfs and do it for him. Ass, knowing she had no real choice, nodded her head and took the RidedPet, thinking she could use it's fire to do some damage to Wusiji later on. But while she was going out, she was stopped by a strange man. He handed her a sample of narcotics, and released god's wrath from his mouth. Ass had no idea what the man had said by the time he had walked away but knew deep down in her soul it was too powerful. She looked down at the Rided beside her, named Jon, and saw it had it's flames off and was looking away, seeming scared of her. She wanted to get this job done as quickly as possible, but wanted to make sure the little elf knew she was in charge, and ordered the creature to kill the elfs in the field until it changed it's form. Jon had immediately been untrusting and scared of Ass before, just wanting to stay with Wusiji, but this had already been the final straw for him. He tried to run off but Ass grabbed him and launched him at what felt like a hundred miles per hour into the fields, causing him to take out a Caml and a Hehe in one strike, leveling him up to 6, with Ass telling him to do it again until he reaches level 36. After hours and hours, hundreds of unwanted fights, Jon reached only level 14, and evolved into a Madam. Exhausted and terrified by the blood on his hands, he fell over into the grass, wanting to join all the elfs he killed, but Ass picked him up, hoisted him over her shoulder and went on. Eventually they reached Jiye City, which Elf Grandfather was living in the outskirts of. However they were stopped by a strange man, who offered them a tour of the city, however the entire tour he seemed loopy, and after giving Ass a handy card for her Elf gear, he went inside his house and died of a stroke. Ass had nothing to say but Jon was ready to break down in tears. They both pressed on however, and reached Elf Grandfather's crack shack. Inside Elf Grandfather and Oujide were naked and Elf Grandfather had an egg looking thing up his was. They quickly stopped when they realized Ass had arrived, with Oujide introducing himself and giving a so called illustrated handbook to Ass, and Elf Grandfather giving her the magical egg. Before she could even question what either of them were for however, Oujide began guiding her out. She immediately recieved a call from Wusiji. She was planning on ignoring it but her hand slipped. He told her someone broke into his lab and he needed help. She was planning on heading home anyway so she decided to actually do it. On her way back through Jiye city however she ran into the redhead boy from Ruoye town, who claimed her getting an elf was a pity because she was too weak, in the same hesitant sounding tone from earlier, and then he threw his elf basin, with the crocpet from Wusiji's graduate school coming out of it. Jon stared right into croc's eyes. They had grown up in Wusiji's care in the graduate school, and to think they would have to fight each other now was heartbreaking. Ass noticed none of this and ordered Jon to attack. Jon looked into croc's eyes, and they shared a mutual feeling. Jon used leer, and Croc gave a weak scrah. Jon used smokescreen, and Croc used leer. They repeated for a while, until Jon realized he was out of power for his moves. He gave croc a look of sorrow, and struggled him down. The boy shouted that his name was Sundr and he called himself a monster, proclaiming himself to be the first member of mankind, and then ran off. Ass went right back on her way, a distraught Jon following close behind. When they arrived in the graduate school, Ass saw a cop was talking to Wusiji Doctor, only for him to turn around and walk towards her. She thought with all that had happened it would best to act like she didnt understand what he was asking, but it turned out that all he wanted was the name of the redhead boy. She told him and said nothing else. She went up to Wusiji and he asked about the egg Elf Grandfather gave her. She held it out and he acted surprised by it. Ass was about to walk away and leave the newly evolved Jon with Wusiji, but she was stopped. Then Wusiji saw the illustrated handbook in Ass's pocket and stopped her, saying the one words Ass knew to expect but still never wanted to hear. He told her to keep Jon and go on an adventure through Guandong, completing the illustrated handbook and defeating the 8 curator guardians of the newly reformed 4 emperors, the guards of the sorcerer that had been created from the remains of the old picnic club. Ass wanted to just leave but she knew she had no choice. Jon felt the same, wanting nothing to do with the chaos Sorcerer Ssho had left on the world all those years ago. They both looked at each other, Ass lowered her head and Jon looked away, eges closed. They looked back at Wusiji and set out, being stopped by the man again and being given monster basins. They went out the same way they had gone before, and on the way they encountered a Rouy, who had just escsped from a rocket and was asking for directions. Ass was ready to have Jon blast it but Jon helped him out, and they quickly started making conversation. Ass tried to move on but Jon refused to move unless his new friend, named Roy, could come along with them. Ass was ready to tell him to leave but thought it would be easier and faster if she just bit and let the little fire elf do what he wanted, and threw a basin at Roy. They took a different turn once they came to the path that lead to Elf Grandfather's shack, and immediately ran into a boy who wanted to battle. He sent out a caml, and Roy was quickly able to defeat it. Ass kept moving, fully expecting a million others like him, but the boy actually stopped her, and asked if they could keep im touch while playing monster game. Ass was surprised at his persistence, and added his tel no, although she wasnt planning on actually calling. Jon was surprised that she was so quick to accept, having a momentary thought that maybe the silent psycho was going to actually change, but then she started moving again, and she made sure to kill as many other coaches elfs as she could. They eventually made it to the entrance of Guixiang city but it was blocked by a tree, so they took a slight detour, and ran into the rocket who tried to kidnap Roy. The kid, hoping he could get another chance at it had one of his worm elfs poison Roy, and Jon, in a rare display of fighting spirit, blasted all of the kid's worm elfs with prizes that seemed to be light speed. They went into Guixiang city and went into the first Gymnasium of their adventure, run by bird elf curator Heyaduo. Knowing their attacks could easily bring Roy to an early grave, Jon took the lead, making easy work of the laps Heyaduo and his brainwashed bird human zombies sent out. The trio went on their way down to Ridu town, but were stopped by a man asking them to fight Heyaduo again. They went back and noticed a massive tower, which had been build by a tribe of old men for practicing Buddhism. They were going to turn around before any of the Tribe could notice their presence, but one spotted them and engaged in combat, boldly yelling "WE WILL NOT DESTROY THE TOWER, EVEN IF WE ARE CRAZY" and sent out a ferocious Madaq from his basin. Jon had been taken off guard and was too scared to attack, but suddenly, wanting to repay his friend for everything, Roy jumped in front of Jon, taking the Madaq's attack. He took another, and another, until...

Jon managed to recover from being stunned, and looked in horror at Roy's lifeless body in front of him. He was frozen in shock, but it suddenly shifted to pure rage and frustration. His body flames erupted, and he incinerated the cold killer and it's master. They went up the entire tower, leaving no survivors, until they reached the top floor, where the redhead boy was battling the master of the tribe. He proclaimed his disliking for weak elfs, and left when he noticed Ass. Jon unleashed his flames on the master gave them the secre machine allowing monster to use the flashing stunt. He was not left alive and tower was burnt down. The newly formed Duo watched the tower burn down, and Jon's rage became sorrow once again. This journey had caused nothing but death, misery, and rifts in friendship. He just wanted to curl up in the graduate school with his friends and never have to see Ass's cold, emotionless face ever again, and yet he still needed to keep going. They walked into the town's monster center, where they received an egg from the man who had given them the narcotics and the basin. Ass dropped it and stepped on it, and they continued to Ridu town. On the way there they found a young female Caml in the grass who said she was looking for them. She told them that her name was Amy and she was the sister of Wla Jmlite's Caml, and that Wla had suffered from a stroke and was in the hospital. Ass was noticeably shocked by this, and seemed to begin moving faster after hearing it. Amy followed them and asked to join the group. Jon was cautious, thinking that anyone who got involved would be put in mortal danger, but Ass surprisingly was accepting and threw a basin at Amy, making the group a trio once again. While he was at first worried about Amy's life being put in danger, Jon quickly realized that it was not the little rat elf who he needed to be worried for. Amy quickly and viciously ripped apart the elfs of any coach who had the courage, or the nerve, to even glance at them. If Ass was the type to silently stalk someone, watching their every move before brutally ending their life, Amy was the one to go haywire in a crowded area and manage to leave no survivors. It was a morbid sight, and a horrifying combination, and yet, Jon didn't fear her the way he feared Ass. Ass was truly a monster, but he could tell below Amy's violent personality that she was truly a good person. Whatever reason she had chosen to join them on their quest, be it because she wanted to undo the evils the Sorcerer had done to the elf's world all those years ago, to avenge wla and go on a quest in his name or to just meet new people and make friends, he knew that she had the best of intentions. He said nothing of this to her however as he thought it would be too sudden. The group continued down the path to Ridu town, but were eventually stopped in front of a monster center by a male prostitute offering anal sex for one million dollars. After murdering the man and nailing his ripped off genitals to the wall of the monster center, they went down into the Join Cave, which separated the two towns. Upon arriving on the other side, they were greeted by a man in front of the town's famous yedong's cloth, blocking it off. Somewhat curious but not enough to get sidetracked, they ignored it and went towards the gymnasium, only to see it was being blocked by another man in the same outfit as the one in front of the cloth. Realizing that the men were not going to move aside, but with Amy and Ass not wanting to murder the men in front of witnesses, the group began asking around the town for information. At first they had suspected that the frost god had sent them in his anger, they eventually found their lead in Steel's house, although it was not from Steel, but a strange squatter calling himself Gangtie, who told them that missile bomb, an anti-elf group that the Sorcerer had mysteriously dismissed years ago, and that the group had stolen all the town's Yedong (local slang for dog) had been stolen by the group to chop off their tails. Just wanting to deal with them to they could deal with the next gymnasium, the trio set out, with gangtie insisting on following them. Eventually Ass grew tired of him and pushed him down the yedong's cloth when the arrived, causing him to fall to his death. Jon had given up on the thought of Ass ever changing and didn't bother expressing his horror at the sight and continued down the cloth with her and Amy, who had already killed the elfs of the first guard. She began to cry out "WHAT ARE YOU?" but was quickly silenced. She rampaged through to save the Yedong, eventually causing the survivors to flee. Hurrying back up to the surface, the trio were stopped by a mysterious vision of Gangtie's spirit. He congratulated them for their work, showing no hard feelings despite having them cause his death. It was strange for Amy. Even she knew that what Ass had done to him was terrible, and yet there he was, completely ignoring it just because they had accomplished what they set out to do. She tried not to think about it, but the memory of the strange squatter stayed with her. The trio headed towards their initial goal, coming face to face with the next gymnasium curator, who wielded worm elfs. Despite having a powerful Zenya, Jon was able to defeat him easily, and they left for Wumuye, which lead to Xiaojin city, but were stopped on the way out by the redhead boy once again, who had caught more elfs. The duo managed to defeat most of them easily, before Jon saw a face that he was unfortunately familiar with. It was Croc once again, who had evolved into Alige. He knew that he was going to have to fight his friend once again but had not been looking forward to it, but was caught of guard at how fast the watered little crocodile was to attack. He used non attacking moves but was berated with attacks. Eventually Amy saved him, finishing off Alige with a fall attack, ending the battle. The boy began sharing his disgust for the trashy man before departing. Jon confronted Amy about her attack on his friend, but she brushed it off, saying that she knew what a real friend was and that anyone who would up and attack you like that is not a friend, and that his pacifist nature was making him blind. Jon tried to argue, but even though he didn't want to believe it, he couldn't deny that croc seemed very different in their last meeting, eventually going quiet. The triad continued out to Wumuye, but were stopped by a boy telling them to be afraid of walking. Ignoring his words, Ass continued on, and noticed two paths. One blocked by a tree, one with a strange monster inside it. Going down the one with the monster, they realized that it was a oucong, which was lost and scared. When they tried to walk past it the elf would hysterically run around, eventually leaving. Upon realizing the path was a dead end, they went back to the other path, seeing another man there, with the Oucong. He gave Jon a circular saw to clear the tree in the path and left after, leaving the saw behind, with Ass walking away before he could put it in her bag. They eventually came out, finding themselves on a road directly to Xiaojin. On the way down the road they encountered a

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