The most controversial scene in the hit video game product Facade.

History Edit

At the age of 16, Trip began go finally grow tired of people in the school locker room pantsing him and tugging on his foreskin. He was always confused as to why his dick looked different than everyone else's, but all attempts to ask usually ended in violence. On the 28th of October, Trip decided to ask him mom about it, and she told him that was there because god didnt want demons to invade his body through his ding dong. Trip threw a long tantrum and attempted to run from home and live in the forest where he would be accepted but was found by some trophy hunters who mistook him for an animal. This caused the hunters to be arrested for hunting endangered species and they swore revenge on Trip.

After 2 months, Trip's mother had become tired of Trip's complaining and had Santa Clause get him a circumcision prescription as his only gift.

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