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It makes people unhappy, it does!
— Grace on sex

Trip and Grace's sex life is a plot point which can be brought up in Facade. It is highly implied that their sex life is entirely dead, which could possibly be the reason they both decided to go off and have affairs, even before their marriage in Grace's case (Trip with Maria, Grace with Vince).

How to hit on Trip/Grace

The player can flirt with any member of the couple provided you are using a different gender (for example if playing as a girl you can hit on Trip, and if playing as a man you can hit on Grace), you can only flirt when the other is not around, you need to always agree with their questions and need to be polite; for example, if the player wishes to seduce Trip, you need to agree to all of his questions (including accepting the drink he offers), and when Grace goes into the kitchen you can start talking romantically to her. Do have in mind that this is incredibly difficult to pull of and most of the time will result in getting ejected from the house.


  • This is a controversial topic for them and may cause Trip to eject the player from the house.
  • The player may try to convince them to have kids, which will cause a humorous reaction from them.
  • You can also suggest a threesome or kinkier options for them.