As with any group, the Facade Wiki has rules. A sort of "guide", if you will.

General Rules

1. Do not Vandalise pages.

This is not Encyclopedia Dramatica. If you want to spam lenny faces or trash talk, do it in the comments.

2. Describe in detail.

Don't be vague and redundant with your descriptions, The aparment is an apartment which is gray and white

3. Use correct grammar and spelling.

Please use capitalized letters when starting a sentence, after a punctuation and remember to use gramatical signs, be encyclopedic. If you're lazy to write an article just don't do it, be atleast this rational.

4. Basically, remember the Five Pillars.

  • Fandom is an encyclopedia for a certain topic, it isn't your personal sandbox. If you want to write a sandbox article create one by putting User:[Username]/[Article Name].
  • Fandom is written from a neutral point of view for example don't use insulting words or praising words to an article directing your opinion towards that article. Since being encyclopedic is about facts and not about opinions.
  • Fandom is a free content that anyone can use, distribute and edit. And you can chat too but not on articles but on blogs, comments and User Wall.
  • Fandom has no rules that prevents you from improving the wikia.
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