As with any group, the Facade Wiki has rules. A sort of "guide", if you will.

Starting off with the most important rule....

1. Do NOT, under any circumstances, vandalize an article.

This is not Encyclopedia Dramatica. If you want to spam lenny faces or trash talk, do it in the comments.


"The gray door leads into the bedroom where shrek awaits for the player in order to bang him with a telephone pole, and will then eat trip because he is a fucking hobo"

"some theorists claim that the fact that Trip doesn't have a bathroom means that he is a illuminati agent deployed on the city in order to keep the existance (sic) of half-life 3 a secret..."

2. Describe in detail.

Don't be vague and redundant with your descriptions. (for example: the apartment is an apartment. it is grey and black. it has a couch. it has many drinks. it has decorations.)

3. Use correct grammar and spelling.

This should be pretty obvious.

4. Basically, remember the Five Pillars.

The Five Pillars apply not only to Wikipedia, but to all wikis, especially ones created with Wikia.

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